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Hi - my name is Finn and i graduated as a Master of Science, Electrical Engineering from Aalborg Universitet 1988 specializing in telecommunication.

I have created many things thruout my career - latest doing Antennas for space applications at GomSpace spanning from 100 MHz VHF, UHF, S-band, X-band, K-band and Ka-band.

I was employed for the first 12 years doing HW (and some SW coding mainly in C) for LASAT A/S, LASAT Communications A/S, LASAT Networks A/S, EICON Networks A/S og EICON Research A/S.
We did modems, ISDN terminals (including PABX functionality), ADSL modems, ethernet hubs and switches.
Since then i spend 9 month with Shima Communications A/S, doing HW (base band) design on GSM mobile phones and GPRS modules.
Then in 2002 i went to Siemens Mobile Phones A/S to work for the antenna and EMC department. Here I was appointed Senior Engineer and EMC Design Lead.
After 4 years with Siemens, the Aalborg site was sold to BenQ that again after 8 month sold the site to Motorola.
I held the title "Principal Staff Engineer" in the antenna and EMC department doing antenna design, EMC engineering and Signal Integrity work until December 18'th 2008 which was the end of mobile devices in Aalborg.
Despite the economic downtime of 2009, Molex saw the potential of the EMC and Antenna Group and hired this team and aquired the former Moto facilities enabling me to work with these topics.
At the end of 2012 the Molex antenna site was aquired by Intel Mobile Devices - continuing the work with tuners and antennas for mobile devices.
Then in summer 2018 Intel desided to close the Aalborg site - but I was imidiatly hired for consultancy work in the Synergile Company.
After 1.5 years I from March 2020 went freelance with Hausager Electronic Design doing antennas, RF and other electronic circuitry.

I have a wide span of experience, but my primary strength is the down to earth working fasion that allways resulted into a well working piece of electronic equipment.
My CV can be found here: CV

Privatly I live in the contry side on a small ranch and I am married to Dorthe who is also mother to our children Lykke, Ole and Anni - see the family presentation.
I like to use my bike going to work - this gives me some healthy exercise.
In my spare time i like to go kayakking or fishing - sometimes also a little hunting.

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